Overviews of the best Recruiting CRM Software

The top use cases for each Recruitment CRM Software product are highlighted along with some standout features and screenshots that provide an overview of the user interface. Sometimes it might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a great candidate. Additionally, there are situations when the ideal prospect isn’t seeking for a job—at least not right now. CRM (recruiting candidate relationship management) software might be useful in this situation.

Check out our list of the greatest recruitment CRM software if you’re struggling to find top employees amid a sea of applicants. They’ll also assist you in enhancing applicant outreach initiatives and speeding up the process of filling job positions. Let’s explore with natyz.info!

TalentReef – recruitment CRM software

TalentReef – recruitment CRM software. The cloud-based talent management system from TalentReef is intended to make the hiring process as efficient as possible. With a focus on assisting teams in managing high-volume hiring for hourly tasks, it contains a complete range of tools for luring, hiring, and onboarding new applicants.

TalentReef - recruitment CRM software
TalentReef – recruitment CRM software

The extensive applicant data that comes along with high-volume hiring may be readily accommodated by their integrated recruitment CRM software (candidate relationship management) database. Their recruitment CRM software is made to track both active and passive applicants, with the capacity to narrow down the field of prospects to locate the top candidates for large-scale employment. Each candidate’s preferences for careers, degree of interest, communication style, and other pertinent information may all be tracked separately.

With TalentReef, you can text applicants back and forth directly from their site using customizable templates for email and SMS (text) discussions. Additionally, they offer a conversational AI chatbot that may assist you in automating back-and-forth discussions without the need for human supervision while also quickly responding to your candidate’s inquiries to keep them actively engaged.

Although specific platforms are not mentioned, integrations are possible with payroll systems, candidate evaluation tools, background check providers, and learning management systems.


The recruitment CRM software process is made simpler by Manatal’s all-in-one recruitment CRM & ATS, which integrates with job portals, has simple talent pipelines, and uses AI to propose candidates. They have a LinkedIn Chrome plugin that makes it quick and simple to add publicly available data to applicant profiles. From there, you can arrange all of your candidate applications into kanban-style boards for each post and use their drag-and-drop pipeline functionality to move applicants to the following level.


The recruitment CRM software from Manatal offers features designed especially for staffing and recruiting firms. This includes relationship management tools for the many customers you recruit for as well as data that enable you monitor placements and earnings per client.

You may directly link revenues to jobs and clients to offer you complete control over your team’s productivity. This lets you calculate the return on investment (ROI) for your team’s work on a client-by-client basis. Additionally, you may provide clients access to a flexible external view of your Manatal system, which will make it simpler to communicate with them and keep them updated.

Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, MailChimp, Zapier, and more platforms are all integrated with Manatal. They also provide a full-featured app for mobile recruiting and an open API to facilitate further custom integrations.


For the purpose of hiring employees, ClearCompany offers a full suite of recruitment CRM software tools. It makes it simple to manage the hiring process from sourcing through onboarding, stay in touch with prospective employees even after they are rejected, and develop long-lasting bonds with them. In order to make better recruiting decisions, it makes contacts with candidates easier to manage, schedules interviews, and stores application information.

Using any device, you can quickly and simply identify, analyze, and monitor talent using ClearCompany’s recruiting management system (RMS). It has simple-to-use search options that make it easier to focus on a small pool of prospects, as well as thorough candidate profiles that give an overview of each person’s qualifications, experience, and availability.

Recruiters can easily keep track of each prospect during the recruiting process thanks to the software’s applicant tracking system (ATS). Numerous aspects of the hiring process are automated by this system, including scheduling interviews, emailing candidates automatically, tracking their progress through the process, providing feedback on their resumes or applications, and providing data-driven insights into performance metrics like the diversity rate or time-to-hire rate.


ClearCompany enables cooperation between hiring managers, recruiters, and other stakeholders simple by enabling everyone to leave comments on resumes and monitor development in real time. As a result, everyone is constantly on the same page and the recruitment CRM software process is transparent and uniform throughout all departments. 

The software’s onboarding platform makes it easy for companies to swiftly bring new recruits up to speed by giving them all the knowledge they need to know about their positions before the start of their employment. The setting up of employee accounts in different systems, such as HRIS or payroll software, thorough job descriptions, introductions to coworkers, and access to training resources are all examples of this.

Additionally, it has a strong analytics component that offers in-depth insights on recruiting and engagement patterns over time if you wish to monitor your success.

Over 100 products, including Accurate, Bamboo HR, Absorb, Ceridian, HireRight, Checkr, ETS, Okta, and People Facts, are easily integrated with ClearCompany’s ATS.

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